Who Says Tap Water Is Unhealthy?

"Each day, millions of Americans turn on their taps and get water that exceeds the legal limits for dangerous contaminants."
USA Today, Special Report "How Safe Is Your Water?"

"Cancer risk among people drinking chlorinated water is as much as 93% higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine."
U.S. Council Of Environmental Quality

"We have known for a long time that chloramines can trigger, rather than cause asthma."
Ralph Riley, head of the National Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group

"Each day in America, about 30 cases of rectal cancer may be associated with THMs (chlorination by products) in drinking water."
Natural Resources Defense Council

"U.S. drinking water contains more than 2100 toxic chemicals that can cause cancer."
Ralph Nader Research Group

"Drinking water plants are old and out of date, and water supplies are increasingly threatened and contaminated by chemicals and micro-organisms."
Natural Resources Defense Council

"The way we guarantee safe drinking water is broken and needs to be fixed."
Carol Browner, U.S. EPA Chief

"The risk of disease associated with public drinking water has passed from the theoretical to the real."
Dr. David Ozonoff, Boston University of Public Health

"More than 45 million Americans drank water supplied by systems where the unregulated and potentially deadly contaminant, Cryptosporidium, was found in their raw or treated water."
Natural Resources Defense Council

"Drinking water in the U.S. is among the top four public health risks posed by environmental problems."
Former EPA Administrator, William K. Reilly

"Residues of 39 pesticides and their degradation products have been detected in the groundwater of thirty four states."
National Academy of Sciences

"35% of the reported gastrointestinal illnesses among tap water drinkers were water related and preventable."
Center For Disease Control Researchers

"USA Today; There's no telling precisely how many Americans get sick each year from drinking bad water... I would say that the cases we learn about are the tip of the iceberg."
Deborah Levy; Waterborne - disease Expert, Center for Disease Control

"Weed killers were found in tap water of 28 out of 29 cities tested... the results of these tests reveal widespread contamination of tap water with many different pesticides at levels that present serious health risks... we estimate that 45,000 infants in these 29 cities drank infant formula reconstituted with tap water contaminated with multiple weed killers."
Environmental Working Group report, "Weed Killers By The Glass"

"Each year in the U.S., lead in drinking water contributes to 480,000 cases of learning disorders in children and 560,000 cases of hypertension in adult males."
U.S. EPA Report summary.

"Lead is the number one environmental health threat to our children."

"The one thing we know for sure about toxins in our drinking water, is that the more we look... the more we find."
Jacquelyn Warren, Council for the Natural Resources Defense Council.