Benefits of installing a whole house water filter include great tasting filtered water (better than bottled water) from every tap, softer skin and hair, great tasting coffee and tea, and much more. Filtering out chlorine and other contaminants from your water means no more buying expensive bottled water, no more dry itchy skin, dry scalp or burning eyes in the shower. Did you know that chlorine turns into a gas at high temperatures? That means that when you take a shower your skin being the largest organ on your body opens its pores and absorbs the chlorine directly into your skin damaging the cells and drying them out. Did you know that washing your vegetables in chlorinated water actually cleans the water not the vegetable? The vegetable is the one who absorbs the chlorine from the water, all of these years you thought you were helping yourself by washing your vegetables. Imagine clean filtered water from every tap in your home. The fact is that your body is made up of about 70 percent water so it makes sense that the quality of water you put in it directly affects its performance. Great Water, Great Performance!